Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Learning blog post

This is a piece of writing that I did with Miss Hill. We are learning about the learning pit and using our learning muscles to help us. I had to be critical with myself and be really honest about my writing. This is it.

I am feeling angry with myself because I can't do my maths because I have trouble with my fractions, division, takeaways and times tables. My maths task is tricky because my teachers give me hard maths task.

When learning is tricky I give up and I go and talk to my friends.

My learning muscles that I need to use right now is thinking in my head without my friends beside me and managing my own distractions or move away.

When I go in the learning pit I have learned that it is normal. Everybody goes into the learning pit. I get a little confused, I feel upset and I give up easily.  What I need to do is help myself by working with others who will help me.

Learning is pretty tricky but I can get better the more that I try.

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  1. GREAT writing Jordan hopefully your next blog post can be another amazing Writing blogpost.
    Keep up the great work