Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Learning blog post

This is a piece of writing that I did with Miss Hill. We are learning about the learning pit and using our learning muscles to help us. I had to be critical with myself and be really honest about my writing. This is it.

I am feeling angry with myself because I can't do my maths because I have trouble with my fractions, division, takeaways and times tables. My maths task is tricky because my teachers give me hard maths task.

When learning is tricky I give up and I go and talk to my friends.

My learning muscles that I need to use right now is thinking in my head without my friends beside me and managing my own distractions or move away.

When I go in the learning pit I have learned that it is normal. Everybody goes into the learning pit. I get a little confused, I feel upset and I give up easily.  What I need to do is help myself by working with others who will help me.

Learning is pretty tricky but I can get better the more that I try.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Learning blog post


Sitting and hanging upside down I watched the steam train go by. I was at my dad’s girlfriend's house. It was just before lunch time, My dad was in the lounge with his girlfriend and I was hanging upside down on the blue bars on the back lawn.

I slipped and cut my leg open. I looked down at my cut. I was screaming really loud.

From Jordan Ross

IMG_0125 (1).JPG


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Learning Blog Post

My Best Learning

This is my… writing task.
The high wire bridge was scary! It looked the bridge was wobbly and prickly and I was just about to cry. When I made it to the other side I was not going to cried again. The bridge goes down and up like a slide.  The bridge has heaps of wood under it because it would hold the bridge. The bridge had more wire than the wood.        

I am proud of this because… it is my best improvement

My biggest challenge was… that my writing was hard.